The charity token fighting overfishing of shrimp/mental health awareness.

Forrest Pump

The meme token with a message. There’s no reason that you can’t have fun, make money, AND change the world all at the same time.

Creating a better world through charity, community, & fun.


Forrest Pump is a globally available blockchain-based, hyper-deflationary token. Transactions are governed by a Smart Contract running on the Binance Smart Chain.

Forrest Pump has three Core Attributes: Charity, Community, and Fun. The whitepaper discusses each of these attributes in detail.


Forrest Pump’s mission is to alleviate the suffering caused by overfishing in the shrimp industry on a global scale by creating a community-driven charity token to spread awareness and donate funds where they’re needed most.

Forrest Pump envisions a future where people all around the world can join forces to alleviate the suffering caused by the mistreatment of our oceans through charitable giving and education. Forrest Pump intends to build a strong charity-focused global community where each holder has a voice in all donation-related decisions and all transactions are recorded with full transparency by the blockchain.

Changing the story
At its heart, Forrest Pump was conceived as a Charity token. Forrest Pump’s Tokenomics are structured to make its mission possible. By diverting a small part of all sell transactions into a charity wallet, and the consistent MCap goal giveaways the Forrest Pump Smart Contract provides a mechanism for perpetually renewing the pool of funds that will be used to empower ocean related charities worldwide.

Forrest Pump envisions a future where people all around the world can easily join forces to alleviate the suffering caused by overfishing the worlds oceans through charitable giving and awareness/education. Forrest Pump intends to build a global, fun, charity based community, all connected and field by $HRIMP.

Forrest Pump also plans to create a charitable organization, SHRIMP UNITED, by Q1 2022. The goal of $HRIMP UNITED will be to empower $HRIMP holders to make tax-deductible donations directly from their $HRIMP UNITED Wallet.

There is potential for a donation scheduling service whereby Community members will be able to schedule periodic donations to charity.

Everyone who donates to charity through SHRIMP UNITED will be given a full account of their contributions for tax purposes. Electronic statements will be furnished on-demand and may also be delivered electronically on a pre-set schedule (such as an annual email).

Forrest Pump


Forrest Pump is an eco-friendly Binance Smart Chain token using the Proof of Stake protocol.

Forrest Pump imposes an automatic 10% tax on all sales and NO tax on buys. 5% goes into the Development wallet where it is further divided and transferred to 4 wallets – Charity, Marketing, Future Developments and Community building. The other 5% goes straight into the Liquidity Pool to provide strong chart stability.


The liquidity pool has been permanently locked and ownership renounced. We believe in proving we are trustworthy through our actions, not just our words.

Total Supply :

Supply Burn : 50% (

Tax : 10% (Burn, Liquidity, Development)

Anti-Whale / Pro-Shrimp

MAX BUY/SELL per transaction is 1% of the original supply – 1000.000.000 $HRIMP

MAX HOLD per wallet is 2% of the original supply – 200.000.000 $HRIMP


To prevent a pump & dump there will be a 20% tax in effect on all sales for the first 2 hours after launch.


For the first 10 seconds after liquidity is added, all buys will be rejected to keep out snipe bots.

Forrest Pump


Forrest Pump

Wallet Breakdown

We believe in this project and for that reason, we didn’t airdrop ANY coins to any team members or team wallets. We used our own funds to buy tokens after launch that we will vest over the next 2 years when needed for marketing, future development, community building, and charity. By buying tokens after launch and strategically vesting them over 2 years we are promoting a healthy chart, liquidity pool, and most importantly, community trust.

Marketing Wallet 150,000,000T

Promotions, Advertisements, Partnerships

Future Development Wallet 150,000,000T

NFT auction platform, $HRIMP UNITED organization, Seafood Exchange

Community Building Wallet #1 150,000,000T

Community Building Waller #2 150,000,000T

Giveaways, draws, challenges, and prizes

Charity – 150,000,000T

Regularly planned charity donations

Forrest Pump


Forrest Pump is currently building a vibrant community for everyone who is interested in investing in $HRIMP. We want to focus on keeping it rich, diverse, and inclusive for all who want to use cryptocurrency to make an impact. Forrest Pump welcomes the beginner and the seasoned investor alike.


Forrest Pump is first and foremost about building relationships. With our growing presence on social networks we have a team of dedicated Helpers, and a community with similar core values.

Community engagement and involvement are essential parts of the Forrest Pump vision. From it’s inception, the strength and support of the Community are closely bound with it’s success and rapid growth.


Room To Grow

Forrest Pump grows the Community through regularly planned and promoted giveaways, fun challenges, and surprise events.


Road To Pro

The voices that make up the community are essential to the further development, decision-making, and growth of the token. We offer transparency, information, and opportunities to change the state of our oceans. In return, we rely on our community to provide honest feedback, engage with us, and ensure we are always on the right track.

Rewarding Holders

Advance Features

Forrest Pump rewards the Community through giveaways, challenges, surprise events, and random draws.